Welcome to the Marlin documentation portal!


Marlin is an open collection of protocols and related libraries that provides high-performance network infrastructure for decentralized systems.



The Marlin network is able to achieve global latencies of <150ms. This enables developers to build high-performance responsive distributed systems (including blockchains and dapps).


The Marlin network can scale to a large number of nodes without compromising on performance. Developers are no longer limited by the fanout capabilities of a single node.

What can I build using Marlin?

Some examples of the things that you can build using Marlin include:

  • A blockchain/sidechain with low block times
  • A validator network with much shorter rounds or much larger validator sets
  • An efficient and performant order relay system for DEXes
  • A performant live streaming service
  • A scalable IoT data marketplace
  • A push notification system for dapps
  • A responsive multiplayer game

Provide infrastructure

Use the Marlin network