Manage manually

Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binaries for the components are available here:


Running the bridge

The bridge parameters can be discovered with the --help flag.

$ ./bridge_dot_linux-amd64 --help

USAGE: bridge [OPTIONS] 

    -d, --discovery-addr <discovery_addr>
    -p, --pubsub-addr <pubsub_addr>
    -b, --beacon-addr <beacon_addr>
    -l, --listen-addr <listen_addr>
    -k, --keystore-path <keystore_path>
    -k, --keystore-pass_path <keystore_pass_path>
    -c, --contracts <contracts>
    -h, --help <help>
    -v, --version <version>


Primary flags

While the following flags are optional for testing the connection between the gateway and the bridge, they are required parameters for interacting with the Marlin network.

  • --beacon-addr - Address of the bootstrap server used for discovering other nodes in the network.
  • --keystore-path - Path to keystore file. Serves as the identity of the bridge.
  • --keystore-pass-path - Path to text file containing passphrase that can unlock the above keystore file.
Secondary flags
  • --contracts - Contract set used by the bridge for fetching on-chain data. Enables choosing the network that the bridge is a part of (e.g. separate networks for testing or new upgrades). Especially important in the initial phases of the network, where it's expected that clusters will work on a testnet first before transitioning to mainnet upon maturity.

The following flags are useful for customizing the socket addresses used by the bridge in order to prevent any conflicts with other programs on the same system.

  • --discovery-addr - Address used for the discovery protocol to find peers in the Marlin network.
  • --pubsub-addr - Address used for the pubsub protocol, to send and receive message from the Marlin network.
  • --listen-addr - Address used for listening to connections from the gateway component.


Running the gateway

The gateway parameters can be discovered with the --help parameters.

$ ./gateway_dot_linux-amd64 --help
gateway_dot 0.1.0

    gateway_dot_linux-amd64 [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -b, --bridge-addr <bridge-addr>        
    -k, --keystore-path <keystore-path>    
    -l, --listen-addr <listen-addr>
Primary flags
  • --bridge-addr - Address of the bridge.
Secondary flags
  • --listen-addr - Address used for listening to incoming connections from your polkadot nodes.
  • --keystore-path - Path to a polkadot key file which the gateway uses as its identity. Useful to give the gateway a deterministic identity on the polkadot side so deployments can be automated.