Core MEV setup

Step 1: Set up mev-bor in the validator node.

wget -O /path/to/local/bor

Step 2: Expose the relevant RPC methods from mev-bor by adding the below cli flags.

--http  # Enable http rpc
--http.addr ""  # Expose the RPC endpoint outside the instance so the gateway can access it
					   # IMPORTANT: Protect the RPC endpoint from external access using a firewall
                       # Especially if you are exposing the `eth` namespace, be sure to set up the firewall _prior_
                       # Only the gateway IP provided by us should have access to it
--http.api "mev"  # The RPC APIs used by the gateway live in the `mev` namespace, expose them
				  # Can expose other RPCs as per your requirement
--miner.recommit "700ms"  # Reduce the recommit time so blocks with bundles can be generated

Restart the bor service so all the above changes take effect.

Step 3: Contact us to set up a dedicated gateway for you.

Step 4: Add the gateway IP provided by us to your firewall to allow RPC requests from it.

That's it!

Contact us if you would like a hands-on guided walkthrough.